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We are Castlenet Consulting Limited
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Stable ICT solutions that Minimize IT Waste, achieves Maximum ROI, are Resilient, Reliable and Dependable.

Overall, We make sure your IT spend is worth every kobo

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We turn Small ideas to Big Realities

We listen and process your requirements, We convert your requirements into workable and affordable solutions, We bring the solutions to life.

We are Nerds
We apply our Intellect to create Magic

We are constantly developing ourselves, Engaging with subject matter experts. We break barriers to gain new experiences, We promote sustainability by training and developing talent

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It goes beyond getting the work done. We love what we do, We savor every Phase, every Challenge, every Victory, and we learn and come back for more

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We've got the People, We've got the Spirit, We've got the skill, We've got the experience and yes, We've got the Certifications!!!.

Our Skills
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Castlenet Consulting Limited offers innovative information technology and project management solutions locally in Nigeria and internationally across Africa, Middle East and Asia. Our portfolio covers a wide range of markets from small to large scale businesses, the financial sector, telecommunications industry, engineering and government

Our core strength is the provision of converged and resilient IT solutions using the available resources best suited for your needs We possess among the finest set of skills in the industry for IT Advisory, Project rollout, infrastructure support and training..

Consultancy and Advisory


IT Network Audit


Enterprise Network Solutions Design


Multilevel IT Infrastructure Support


Tailored IT Infrastructure Trainings


Fun and Lifestyle


Partners to deliver Excellence

Our Strategic Partnerships with some of the greatest technology vendors in the industry guarantees us access to latest technologies, premier technical support and advanced training to help us provide specialist IT infrastructure solutions that help you achieve your business goals.

We are Committed
We enjoy what we do

We are CCLNerds, our commitment stems from our passion

Our passion is driven by the ‘satisfaction’ that stems from providing awesome solutions that help propel you to the next level

What We Do
Our Capabilities

We are a highly skilled and dependable team that tackles Enterprise Network Challenges beyond the capability of the conventional IT (Network) practice

We deliver cutting edge adaptable solutions covering a wide range of industry verticals for small, medium and large-scale businesses.

Consultancy and Advisory

Invest in the right solutions from the get-go or maximize what you currently have. We provide long and short-term advisory.

IT Network Audit

Our Audit solutions guarantee a thorough evaluation of your infrastructure and offer the right recommendations to take it to the next level.

Having Fun
Riding, Cycling or Partying

We know how to make your IT investment work for you and we know how to chill. Just ask around!!

Multilevel IT Infrastructure Support

We understand that sometimes you just can't handle it all by yourself.

Enterprise Networks Solution Design

You need a network architecture and design that ensures that you are compliant with industry standards.

IT Trainings

With technology repidly evolving, we aim to keep your workforce well equipped and empowered.

A functional Network Infrastructure is Passion, Dedication, Commitment and a lots of self brewed Coffee


Support is much more than checking the boxes and closing tickets, it is about meeting our customers business objectives


The Drive to excel is one of the greatest yearnings of a CCLNerd


A properly built network infrastructure forms the bedrock for any business that depends on IT services regardless of industry or size



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